CS Executive Tax Laws Online Classes / Video Lectures for June 2023/Dec 2023

Tax Laws is the 4th paper of CS Executive Module. It is objective paper (MCQs based). This subject is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Direct Taxes (50 Marks)
  2. Indirect Taxes (50 Marks)

Direct Taxes includes only Income Tax and Indirect Taxes includes GST and Customs. 

For June 2023 and Dec 2023, we are providing recorded lectures and live classes of Tax Laws. 

CS Executive Tax Laws Online Classes

CS Executive Tax Laws Live and Video Classes

Subject: Tax Laws
Applicable for: June 2023 & Dec 2023
Mode: Online/Downloadable
Live/Recorded: Recorded+Live
Price: Rs. 4000
Validity: Till Dec 2023
No. of Views: Unlimited
No. of Classes: 100 (approx.)
No. of Hours: 100 (approx.)
Notes: Printable PDF (No hard copy)

CS Executive Tax Law Classes - Demo Classes

How Classes will be delivered?

Notes of CS Executive Tax Laws
Notes will be delivered in PDF. Students can download the notes and print them if required.

Live Classes of CS Executive Tax Laws
Live Classes will be  delivered on Zoom. Details of classes will be sent to the students on their WhatsApp No. registered with us.

Online/Recorded Classes of CS Executive Tax Laws
Student can opt to take the classes in any of the 2 formats:

  • Online Format
  • Downloadable Format

Online Format (Suitable to watch videos on Mobile)
In Online Format, we create an online account of student on our website, and student can watch the videos just like YouTube Videos. Here internet is required to watch the videos. Student may use mobile or laptop to watch the videos. 

Downloadable Format (Suitable to watch videos on Laptop)
In Downloadable Format, we share videos via Google Drive, and student can watch the videos by downloading the videos from the Google Drive. Here internet is required to download the videos. After downloading, videos can be watched without internet. These videos can be watch only on single laptop (Operating System shall be Windows. Our videos do not support Mac). These videos are not compatible with mobiles. 

Syllabus of CS Executive Tax Laws for Dec 2022 and June 2023

Paper 4
Tax Laws (Max Marks 100)


Part I : To provide working knowledge on practical application of Direct Tax Laws.
Part II : To provide conceptual knowledge of GST with practical application of GST Laws.


Detailed Contents

  1. Direct Taxes at a Glance : Background of Taxation system in India; Vital Statistics; layout; Administration.
  2. Basic concepts of Income Tax : An Overview of Finance Bill, ; Important definitions under Income Tax Act, 1961; Distinction between Capital and Revenue receipts and expenditure; Residential Status & Basis of Charge; Scope of Total Income; Tax Rates.
  3. Incomes which do not form part of Total Income : Incomes not included in total income; Tax holidays.
  4. Computation of Income under Various Heads : Income from Salary; Income from House Property; Profit and Gains of Business or Profession; Capital Gains; Income from Other Sources; Fair Market Value.
  5. Clubbing provisions and Set Off and / or Carry Forward of Losses : Income of other persons included in Assessee’s Total Income; Aggregation of Income; Set off and / or Carry forward of losses.
  6. Deductions from Gross Total Income & Rebate and Relief : Deductions in respect of certain payments; Specific deductions in respect of certain income; Deductions in respect for donations for expenditure under CSR activities; Rebates and Reliefs.
  7. Computation of Total Income and Tax Liability of various entities : Individual; Hindu undivided Family ‘HUF’; Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT); Partnership Firm / LLP; Co-operative Societies; Association of Person ‘AOP’ and Body of Individual ‘BOI’; Political Parties; Electoral Trusts; Exempt Organization – Registration u/s 12A/ 12AA;
  8. Classification and Tax Incidence on Companies : Computation of taxable income and tax liability of Company; Dividend Distribution Tax; Minimum Alternate Tax ‘MAT’; Other Special Provisions relating to Companies; equalization levy.
  9. Procedural Compliance : Permanent account Number ‘PAN’ / Tax Collection account Number ‘TAN’; Tax Deduction at Source ‘TDS’ & Tax Collection at Source ‘TCS’; Advance Tax & Self Assessment Tax ‘SAT’; Returns, Signatures, E-Filing; Fee and interest for default in furnishing return of Income; Collection, Recovery of Tax, Refunds.
  10. Assessment, Appeals & Revision : Assessment; Types of Assessment; Appeals; Revisions; Search, Seizure, Penalty and Offences.
    Case Laws, Case Studies & Practical Aspects.


(A) Goods and Services Tax
11. Concept of Indirect Taxes at a glance : Background; Constitutional Powers of Taxation; Indirect Taxes in India – An Overview; Pre-GST Tax Structure and Deficiencies; Administration of Indirect Taxation in India; Existing Tax Structure.
12. Basics of Goods and Services Tax ‘GST’ : Basics Concept and Overview of GST; Constitutional Framework of GST; GST Model – CGST /IGST / SGST / UTGST; Taxable Event; Concept of supply including Composite and Mixed Supply; Levy and Collection of CGST and IGST; Composition Scheme & Reverse Charge; Exemptions under GST.
13. Concept of Time, Value & Place of Taxable Supply : Basic Concepts of Time and Value of Taxable Supply; Basics Concept of Place of Taxable Supply.
14. Input Tax Credit & Computation of GST Liability– Overview.
15. Procedural Compliance under GST : Registration; Tax Invoice, Debit & Credit Note, Account and Record, Electronic Way Bill; Return, Payment of Tax, Refund Procedures; Audit.
16. Basic overview on Integrated Goods and Service Tax (IGST), Union Territory Goods and Service tax (UTGST), and GST Compensation to States.

(B) Customs Act
17. Overview of Customs Act : Overview of Customs Law; Levy and Collection of Customs Duties; Types of Custom Duties; Classification and Valuation of Import and Export Goods; Exemption; Officers of Customs; Administration of Customs Law; Import and Export Procedures; Transportation, and Warehousing; Duty Drawback; Demand and Recovery; Confiscation of Goods and Conveyances; Refund.
Case Laws, Case Studies & Practical Aspects.

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