Company Secretary Course Details

Company Secretary Course Details
Company Secretary Course Details

About Company Secretary Course Details

Company Secretary Course is one of the most promising professional courses. Students of any stream like medical, non-medical, commerce, arts (except fine arts) can join this course either after 12th or after graduation.

It is the correspondence course which means students are not required to attend classes on daily basis. After taking admission with ICSI students can prepare for exams either by taking coaching from private coaching centre or by taking coaching provided by different chapters of ICSI.

Emergence of Company Secretary Course

There are many reasons which gave birth to Company Secretary Course. But most important factor was Good Corporate Governance (means governing or managing company form of business for the benefits of all stakeholders).

Corporate laws are quit complex. It is not possible to take care of all the provisions of all corporate laws (specially company laws and securities laws) without specialised knowledge.

Default in complying corporate legal provisions can lead to unwanted prosecutions and heavy fines.

It gave birth to the requirement of a professional who can help company and its management to comply all the legal provisions applicable on the company.

Further, in company form of business, there is a demutualisation between owners (shareholders) and management (Board of Directors). A shareholder invests money in company but doesn’t participate into day to day business of the company unless and until he/she is the part of company’s management. Board of Directors of company use that money for the business of the company. They have substantial decision making powers. In maximum cases they are not required to take the approval of shareholders.

This structure makes corporate world (specially companies) are always prone of fraud and scams. Management can use the resources of company for their person benefits instead of benefits of all stakeholders.

It gave birth to the requirement of a professional who can guide management on right directions and alert stakeholders and government about any mala fide (wrong) intensions of management.

Therefore, Company Secretary Course came into existence wherein Institute of Company Secretaries of India develops high calibre professionals who can facilitates good Corporate Governance.

The structure of company secretary course is designed to provide expert knowledge of business environment and all company related laws like
– Business Laws
– Companies Laws
– Corporate Restructuring Laws
– Securities Laws
– Direct and Indirect Tax Laws
– Economic Laws
– Commercial Laws
– Labour Laws
– Corporate Governance Laws

Further, overall knowledge of corporate accounts and costing is also the part of company secretary course.

Post of company secretary is a well designated and legally recognised post. Infact some companies are legally obliged to hire company secretary.

Sum up

Company Secretary is the heart of a company. Under Companies Act, 2013 company secretary is considered as ‘key managerial person’ of a company. Under securities laws it is considered ‘legal compliance officer’ of a company and ‘whistle blower’ for government.

Company Secretary is an interface between management and stakeholders of a company.

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